• There are several blue straight silicone hoses with same diameters.
  • There are two T-bolt clamps that are installed onto the pipe.
  • There are more than five coupling hoses, and they have different colours: blue, green, red, white and black.
  • There are two silicone hoses, one a 135 degree elbow silicone hose with blue colour, the other is red coupling hose.
  • There are several flexible silicone hoses and straight silicone reducers on the picture, and various colours are bright.

Qianli - your most trusted professional supplier

Silicone rubber is non-reactive, stable and can withstand extreme temperatures from -55 ℃ to +300 ℃ while still remains its useful properties. Due to these good properties, silicone rubber has been manufactured to a great number of products, among which silicone hoses account for a large proportion.

Qianli silicone hoses are mostly reinforced by polyester, Nomex (aramid), or lined by fluoro to improve their properties in respect of heat and pressure resistance. They often be found in factories, marines, automobiles such as passenger cars, light trucks and professional race cars, etc.

Polyester reinforced silicone hose is suitable for medium-duty service conditions. It is very effective for carrying air, water, coolant, or sprayed by small amount of oil mist. It is often be found in vehicle cooling systems like cold sides of intercooler air hoses and general industrial applications within the temperature of -50 ℃ to +170 ℃.

Compared with polyester reinforced silicone hose, Nomex reinforced can withstand much higher temperature ranging from –50 ℃ to +250 ℃ (-58 ℉ to +482 ℉). It is especially used in turbocharger, hot side intercooler hoses and EGR connectors.

Although the two silicone hoses have good performance at extreme temperatures, they are not compatible with oil and fuel. However, silicone hoses lined by Fluoro are especially designed for carrying oil. It prevents oil seepage through the hose wall, which can lead to swelling and damaging to the hose.

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to manufacturing silicone hoses for many years and has accumulated rich experiences in designing and producing. Our main products cover a wide range, such as elbow hoses from 15 degree to 180 degree, couplers with straight and angled, hump hoses, reducer hoses and super flex hose, etc. All of these hoses are made of high-quality material and will operate well in the places where they are employed.

Apart from first-class quality, the most competitive price will be another factor for selecting Qianli silicone hoses. We always insist an unchangeable faith: less money still can buy superior products.

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