Vacuum Tubing Protecting Automobile Engine at Extreme Temperatures

Silicone vacuum hose is extruded from silicone rubber with unreinforced construction. Silicone rubber has a lot of good properties, including low chemical reactivity, low thermal conductivity, high thermal stability and excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and UV. All these properties contribute to good performances within extreme temperatures.
Compared with PVC hose, silicone vacuum hose will not soften at extreme temperatures from -50 °C to +170 °C. Moreover, silicone hose is more durable than PVC hose. Being crushed, it will spring back to its original shape.

Application: Vacuum advance, windshield washers, coolant overflow, emission control, dump valves, breathers, vacuum pump, catch pot, degassing chamber or other applications.

Package: Packaged in cartons and there is 30 meters per spool.

Color: black, red and blue.

Part No. Length Wall Internal Diameter
mm inch mm mm
VAC3 76 3 2 3
VAC4 76 3 2 4
VAC5 76 3 2.5 5
VAC8 76 3 3 8
Vacuum tubbing, ID 3mm - 8mm, red, black and blue
Vacuum tubing | Silicone Vacuum hose (I D - 3,4,5,8mm )